Guest – Cortne Smith |Know Your Role and Position


In today’s society, we hear men & women aren’t made like they use to be. That’s just an excuse not to take responsibility for one’s role & position in their relationships. Even within the Christian community high divorce rates have become a part of the norm. Christian relationships have start mirroring the world’s definition lack of integrity, lack of honoring God, lack of accountability.

Defined by duties that have been prescribed to each gender and if there is any deficiency or flaw in performing those duties they have been labeled not marrying material.

Relationships can’t be built on bricks of the past. Yes, relationships stayed together a lot longer in the past but did their union ultimately honor God or were they false facades to create the illusion that time equates to a godly marriage. However, marriage should be built on the foundation created by God’s design for the marriage union.

Let’s get back to Eden and live on top of the world and not in the world; let’s turn focus back onto role & position that was assigned by God in the original creation of marriage back in Genesis.   Calling your union a Christian marriage then let’s began to function in the appropriate role & position as the body and rib.

Genesis 2:22 “God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man.

Role & Position of the Rib=WIFE deeply placed intertwined within the body of the husband’s anatomy to create the true perfect union:

Protection: Wrapped Around the lungs & heart
Support: Wrapped Around the Upper Abdomen & back
Help to Breathe Calmly: Flexible

“For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” Luke 6:45

When the wife takes up her rightful place as the gate to be the protector of the body’s heart; it prevents the blood from being infected and diseased speech being spoken into the relationship.

When the wife takes up her rightful place to undergird the body; it prevents the world stabs from penetrating through and causing unrepairable damage.

When the wife chooses to be flexible; it prevents the body from being suffocated and the heart from being crushed.

Role & Position of the Body=HUSBAND many layers of covering of flesh and spirit to serve as the church within the union:

Protection: Placed Over The Ribs
Lead: Placed as the Guide to Hear God’s Direction
Carry: Placed as the Stronger Vessel hold the Weaker Vessel

When the husband serves as a covering; it prevents the ribs from being broken or fractured.

When the husband serves as a guide by God’s will not his will; it prevents the union from getting lost & caught up in the world’s ways.

When the husband chooses to be strong and not weak; it prevents the dynamics of the household from being.

The right role & position cannot be achieved without allowing God to be the author of the relationship. Recognize God does not need co-authors let’s live by God’s word and stop creating chaos within the Christian union by living for duties. Duties such as cooking, cleaning, car maintenance, yard work just examples of things we have made gender specific. Whose ever talent or skill it is to perform to best suit the harmony within each individual relationship should or could take on that responsibility.

Do these things make a marriage? No, they are duties that are required to help a household run smoothly? Helpmates vs. Hinder mate come back for next month’s relationship topic of discussion…

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