A few weeks ago, my husband and I were traveling from Central Virginia to the Coast of North Carolina to spend a week with my parents and siblings.  The irony of this trip was that it came at the conclusion of a tumultuous two month spiritual warfare battle for the life of a dear loved one and the beginning of a natural snow storm.  It seemed as though one storm was dissipating and another was forming…all at the same time.


The snow storm was coming on quickly and as ferocious as it seemed; it truly appeared to have come at the most inopportune time and out of nowhere.  Right as we were beginning to see with front row seating what was undoubtedly God’s saving grace and manifested glory in our loved one’s life we thought that we’d have to immediately switch gears to see the rest of the magnificence of God from a distance.  Early the morning of our planned travel day; my husband and I began to discuss alternative travel plans:  Maybe we should leave a little later, maybe we should wait and see what happens later, maybe we should see how the rest of the family plans to navigate to the Coast for the long awaited family gathering.  We had some family coming from North Carolina and some coming from Georgia…all of the known areas to be affected in some type of way by this unappreciated storm.  We decided like the rest of the family to forge ahead, safely, steadily, alert and with purpose.  Our purpose?  Witness God…if only we could get to the other side.


I realize that many have written about the winter months and many have released encouraging words about pressing through the storms of life.  In a lot of ways this short glimpse into my life is no different.  However in one magnificent way it stands apart.  My dear loved one is still on this side of life; stronger than before and fighting the good fight of faith with Jesus at the helm.  And rather than me pressing through the winter months alone, or my loved one pressing alone…we have pressed together.  That is the essential element, the singular piece that I want to encourage you with today.


As you maneuver through the snow, the ice, the rain and the cold of life’s seasons…don’t go at it alone.  If you recall I stated early on that my husband and I were making plans and reviewing strategies.  Whether you are married or single…it doesn’t matter:  Don’t maneuver alone.  This is how we die in the winter months.


In respect to the actual season of winter; it’s the time of year that the earth is the farthest from the Sun.  And so it is in the spirit as it is in the natural.


During this time of what seemed to be my farthest spacial distance from the Son; He reminded me of the need for the press and as well as a needed battle buddy as I endeavored through the winter months. By no means am I insinuating that I’ve made it to the long awaited favorable months of Fall, Summer and Spring but I can say that I’ve seen a glimpse of the green grass; the harvest and the Son is in my view…now much closer than before.


During the ride to the coast we traveled through Central Virginia which was hit relatively hard by the snow storm.  There was a continuous snow fall all the way through the state and then immediately into the State of North Carolina.  Also along the way were sheets of ice and slush mixed with drizzles of rain.  You know what I mean; those relentless obstacles, stumbling blocks and satanic sideshows that always seem to advance forward as we advance forward.  As we traveled; my husband and I kept watch for the road, other drivers on the road and any possible calamity that would want to rear its ugly head..  Eventually the snow stopped, the rain calmed down and the press became easier.  Soon enough the press became an afternoon drive full of excitement.


As we entered into North Carolina we came to a portion of the state that had a layer of snow but it wasn’t completely layered and the roads were completely clear of snow and ice.


As we drove along, God began to speak to me.  He said:  Notice the land; see Me in the elements.  Though the snow is here but so am I and so is My glory.


As I continued to look, eager and waiting to see what He wanted me to see; I began to notice places along the road where the grass was brown as to be expected.  It was winter and it had just snowed. Of course I also saw the parts of the ground where it was covered by a thin layer of snow.  And then the amazing part came when He showed us the brown grass, next to the snow covered grass, next to the beautiful green grass!  What God but Elohim could do such a thing!


Only He can show you how to press to witness His glory.




My prayer is that as you read these words you will glean the necessary edification, encouragement and strength to live and not die!


My prayer is that you encounter your God-divine Battle Buddy…don't try to make it alone!


My payer is that you are drawn closer to the Son even as you feel the farthest away. He is but a breath away!


My prayer is that your eyes are opened to not only the expected brown, dry landscape of your current life challenge but that you will also see the manifestations of His glory right before you in an uncommon and unnatural way.


Below is an actual picture that my husband and I took of the brown grass, the snow and the beautiful green grass.


Don't just not die in the winter months…LIVE IN THE WINTER MONTHS.

Karena Calhoun has many responsibilities in her hands and her most valued is that of a wife and mother building her home.
Licensed and ordained in her local worship assembly where she is a part of the ministerial team; Prophet Karena is a spirit and truth worshiper with a Jeremiah 1:10 and Ephesians 4:12 burden called to the Marketplace.
Prophet Karena is founder of 'A Young Lady’s ReFORMation Ministries' based in Richmond, VA. Prophet K as many call her; along with her husband (Leroy) have founded 'Exousia Marketplace Prophet's Community Group' and 'Marriage Matters; The Heartbeat of God'.
June 2015 marked the release of her freshman book entitled 'Find Your Gap; Ezekiel 22:30'.
Prophet Karena is in covenant fellowship with The Master’s Touch Church Ministries of Richmond, Virginia.