You Are an Anchor.....A Message To Godly Husbands

You Are an Anchor....A Message To Godly Husbands

Sometimes being a Godly husband and father is tough at times....

You put it on the line everyday to sacrifice for your family and everyone else seems to benefit from your sacrifice except for you.....
Know that a good man is never thanked or shown appreciation on the front end.

Your kids won't get it until they have their kids and your wife may not ever get it until her friends tell her horror stories of single life, and divorce.
Keep doing with you do, because consistency is boring, it goes unrecognized, but yields great stability in the long run......

It is the job of an anchor. The anchor of a ship is invisible, yet it holds the vessel in place. It is deployed deep down to the bottom of the ocean floor where the pressure is strong enough to compress anything that is hollow. This job is not for the weak, the emotional, or the undisciplined. This job is for those who can take anything and still deliver the expected result time and time again.

Do you know that if you move everything moves with you? If the anchor decided I no longer want to be buried below sea level the whole vessel would be in serious trouble. Depending on the size of the vessel it could destroy the dock by swaying back and forth. The vessel that is not anchored could damage surrounding vessels in the port.

The anchor is all but forgotten, rusted, damaged, but stays in place to the benefit of the ship and its cargo. What more precious cargo than your family?
The word husband can be broken down two words house-band, which means he is the band around the house that keeps it together.

If we use it as a noun we understand that it refers to who you are in relationship to our wives, and if we use it as a verb we understand that it means to be used economically, to conserve.

Our families are the beneficiaries of our consistency, our longevity, and our work ethic and they if they never show appreciation, if they never say thank you we are obligated by God to do the job of an anchor.

It's what Christ did for us. He died while we were sinners, not even realizing that we were being held together and in place, but the anchor of anchors. If he could take on the form of a servant for us, we certainly can take on the same form when it comes to our families.

There will be tough times, Gethsemane gardens and crucifying moments, but in the end you will be rewarded with amazing favor and the peace of your family will be great.

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